Adding Detail to Basic Kitchen Cabinets

When we first bought our farm house in 1999, we decided to reface the cabinets with a simple shaker style door and then we painted them all white.  Now 15 years later, with all the other fun updates we were making to the kitchen we decided the cabinets definitely needed to be spruced up as well.  We for sure needed to add some 1/4 round to hide the seam between the new flooring and the base of the cabinet.  But we decided to take it one step further and give them more of a furniture style base look.  My husband Ryan was hesitant about this idea but I insisted it would be worth it!  I did some work on figuring out the design and the simplest way to go about it.

Here are the cabinets before…

So we started by cutting a piece of 1/4 round about an inch shorter than the length  of the base then nailed it on.  I am proud to say that I did do much of the nailing and cutting myself on this project and no blood was shed!!


I went to Lowes and spent about an hour+ in the wood/trim aisle considering my options.  Do I buy the wood and cut the design for the base myself 6 times? (That’s how many we needed)  Or do I buy a simple shelf bracket and modify it  to work?  At $3.48 a bracket, I decided this was a great choice.  Here is the bracket I chose.

I then removed all of it’s mounting hardware and carefully measured my toe kick (this is the space between the cabinet overhang and the floor).  I measured on the bigger side as I knew I could shave off as needed.  Then I primed and painted the pieces with my cabinet paint.

Once they were dry, I worked on wedging the piece into place.  I was a little nervous that my flooring might scratch through this process as it needed to be a really tight fit, but I worried for nothing.  My Karndean flooring didn’t mark one bit.  I was once again impressed by how amazingly durable the vinyl is!!  Once they were in place, Ryan predrilled holes through the inside of the cabinet base into the brackets then secured them in place with screws.  I used wood filler to fill in exposed seam then touched them up with paint.

Here is how they turned out!!!

I can’t believe what a HUGE difference this made to our cabinets!!!  They have so much more personality and character now and really look like a custom built cabinet.  The total expense for this project was under $30!!  Well worth it!!!

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